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G.J Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. is expert in manufacturing WPC products. It integrates R & D, Production and Quality Control Department to produce outstanding products.
The company uses state of the art technology to manufacturing unit, uses only the certified finest raw materials, has skilled production and qualified R & D team. R & D team strives for innovation. Company has its own Quality Control department, which maintains the quality of our products and it passes only those end products to the market which conforms to the pool of testing, according to the International American (ASTMs) and European Union (EU) standards. Company is certified by ISO 9001 & 14001


First of all, I would say thanks to Allah for giving me the VISION to contribute my humble part to save the nature. Dear customers, instead of wounding trees for furniture & decorating our homes we should use a better wood substitute which is even more in properties.
Alhamdulillah! G.J. industries (Pvt.) Ltd. has started manufacturing WPC with the brand name TIMBPLAST, which will not only fulfill our mission but will create hundreds of Jobs in our country and save the national wealth by reducing the imports. WE care about our customers by providing quality products after testing. We would like to receive your feedbacks about area of improvements, quality of our products and is well we doing? Thanking in advance for your time & interest.

Mian Muhammad Ehsan
G.J. Industries (Pvt.) Ltd.

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